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We’re a charity that teaches kids to innovate with technology




Learning workshops for kids and educators

OMGTech! gives any primary & intermediate school in NZ the opportunity to take part in its award winning workshops (Plus any grown up, parent, or other member of the public that wants to take part) to be inspired and learn how to use future technology. We want to reach 200,000 Kiwi Kids!

We have hundreds of industry volunteers as role models and inspirer's to these kids and our workshops span the length and breadth of NZ. We can be anywhere, just like technology.

OMGTech! are also an accredited provider approved by the Ministry of Education to provide a blended e-learning PLD programme. We have facilitators that will work with schools to create a customised PLD programmes for their teachers.


Mana Tangata


Youth mentorship programmes for under-represented communities

The Mana Tangata programme selects 30 students from communities around Aotearoa NZ that are not well represented in tech and pairs them with an awesome tech industry mentor.

The programme kicks off with a hands on interactive training workshop over several days. This is then followed by 6 months of being paired with a mentor who is currently working in the science and technology sector.

Through this mentorship youth will develop core leadership skills as well as further their learning journey in the tech field of their choice. They will understand where they could go and how they can get there.

We also provide the platform & resources for the leaders, as part of the programme, to set up a technology focused initiative within their local communities, This can be a youth focused event as at a library, Marae, school or community centre or a tech project aimed at helping their community through technology. These are student led initiatives that feedback into the community the leadership and tech skills they have gained during the programme.



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Technology programmes for Maori communities

e-Pou is an initiative born out of the Trusts desire to empower Maori communities to be in charge of their own destinies with technology, and to give them equitable access to knowledge and resources while they build this vision.

e-Pou has been successfully funded through the Ka Hao Māori Digital Technology Development Fund. e-Pou’s focus is on providing workshops and resources in English and Te Reo Māori to help tamariki and rangatahi be more curious about technology and STEAM.

e-Pou combines the words electronic and pou (pillar) to create a hybrid word meaning digital or electronic pillar. At first glance, e-Pou is just an idea. However when one is looking into the meanings behind the name, e-Pou explains the very essence of this project.

Firstly, pou means to plant - It is important to inspire members of each community that technology is useful, easy and impactful. Our intention is to plant the seed of awareness for digital technology in our whanau, hapu and iwi, and various Maori communities.

Secondly, pou means to support. - The kaupapa of e-Pou is to build community and Maori-led digital education that is sustainable and relevant. We envisage that each community involved in the e-pou project will become a “pou” for their wider community

The e-Pou team are currently working with communities in the Waikato and South Auckland regions.

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Volunteering with communities for education is an online app that connects schools with corporate volunteers and short technology course content.

Schools today need to teach digital technologies. There are training programmes (for teachers) dotted around the country but to truly excite the tamariki and rangatahi with new material, they need expert voices in the room, connecting them with a real-world context.

Enter NZ Inc. Our large corporations all have volunteer programmes. They want to give back to the communities they work in. For a variety of reasons, a lot of these volunteer hours remain unused.

The third side of the triangle is a vast range of digital technology content providers. There is a wealth of programmes out there, most free, that could be used in any situation. Schools lack the technical knowledge to take these and run them without expert assistance. is an innovative marketplace that links the three sides seamlessly, facilitating long-lasting relationships that will create increased engagement and excitement into a burgeoning industry that sorely needs more Kiwis. is an initiative by the Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust with support from Datacom, The Ministry of Education, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Spark Foundation, NZ Government Innovation Fund and many leading NZ corporates.

Institute of Awesome


Enviro-tech centre in Raglan

The Institute of Awesome is an enviro-tech education centre set on 100 acres of native bush, in Whale Bay, Raglan. They host enviro-tech camps for schools and community groups who want to have an immersive experience at the lodge, learning technology skills in a practical format. Activities include design, programming, engineering and electronics applied to projects in the outdoor environment.

The centre also hosts educators learning programming, electronics and the 2020 digital technology curriculum for schools. The workshops are single or multi day, and can be run along side our kids enviro-tech camps so teachers and students can learn the technology curriculum together.

Lastly the centre hosts transformational residencies for corporates to have a multi-day un-conference style innovation experience. Future leaders join a cohort of others in the enviro-tech workshops to team build, learn some new tricks and make a difference to the environment and community at the same time.

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Indigenous Game Design

Maori Game Development Project

The IGD Project is a joint venture in partnership with OMGTech! and Unlocking Curious Minds to develop digitally confidant rangatahi Māori through game design.

Rangatahi Māori chosen from the Waikato and Auckland regions.

In a 10-week crash course in game design students learn how to make a set of games using our unique tools.

The course covers:

  • Prototyping and game analysis

  • Game design theories

  • Programming

  • Graphic design and animation

  • Music and sound creation

  • Publishing