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The Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust was established in 2014 to teach kids how to use technology so they could become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. The trust was formed by Vaughan Fergusson and his partner Zoe Timbrell with the support of Vaughan’s brothers Shawn and Jonathan Fergusson, to honour their mother, Pam, a paraplegic unemployed solo mum who changed their lives by connecting them with technology in the 80’s.

The technology back in the 80’s was a PC, something that was uncommon in homes and businesses at the time, but Pam had a hunch that computers would change the world. She didn’t understand technology and didn’t need to, to know that it was a good investment in her kids. The first computer was a SEGA SC3000, then a Commodore 64, then a PC, then multiple PCs. Her three sons Vaughan, Shawn and Jonathan all grew up to be technologists.

Vaughan went on to found Vend, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing technology startups. He wanted to replicate the same gesture Pam made to him and his brothers to every kid in New Zealand. To give every kid access to the future technologies of tomorrow so they could imaging and invent and become the artisans and inventors of our future. To do this the trust runs programmes all across New Zealand to build pathways for kids with technology.

Pam Fergusson

Pam Fergusson